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Advanced Turf Solutions Now Offers Premier Golf Course Sand

April 10, 2019 | Categories: ,
premier sand branding

Advanced Turf Solutions is now an exclusive partner of The Hayden Group, Inc., an Arkansas-based company that manufactures Premier Golf Course Sand. Customers of Advanced Turf located in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, and eastern Kansas will now be able to purchase Premier White™ and Premier Play™ bunker sand.

The Hayden Group’s bunker sands have been designed to meet the highest level of industry standards while also addressing common issues faced by golf course superintendents such as drainage problems, playability, and ease of maintenance.

Premier White™ is a bright white golf course sand consisting of manufactured, crush quartz. This Tour Play-preferred variety has a clean and consistent finish plus a great infiltration rate and a high penetrometer rating.

Premier Play™ is a cutting-edge hybrid blend of manufactured material with natural grain. This variety is ideal for remodeling a golf course and has a good infiltration rate plus a good penetrometer rating.

“We are proud that Premier Golf Course Sand is the preferred choice for prestigious courses,” said Chief Growth Officer Michael Collins. “We are excited to partner with Advanced Turf Solutions to provide their customers with our standard of high-quality sand and excellent service.”