Advanced Turf Solutions Launches New Infield Product Line

January 23, 2023

We introduced our new Advanced Infield Solutions (AIS) product line at the 2023 SFMA Conference and Exhibition in Salt Lake City, Utah. The AIS line includes five new brands and a total of six new products.

The Advanced Infield Conditioner brand includes ATS1000, ATS2000, and Advanced Dry. These three products are calcined clay conditioners that absorb moisture and reduce compaction on the infield. The distinction between the products is that ATS2000 is screened at a smaller mesh (8/20) than ATS1000 (5/16). Both conditioners are a blondish/red color.

Advanced Dry is a calcined clay product that absorbs moisture and reduces slick spots on the mound and around the bases. Advanced Dry is designed to be used sparingly during rain events.

The Advanced Mound Clay brand includes Professional Mound Clay and Gumbo Clay. Both products maximize performance and safety on batting, pitching, and catching surfaces. The Gumbo Clay is for high-level baseball and softball fields. It is crushed and screened, and it comes out of the bag dry to allow for moisture control. The Professional Mound Clay is also crushed and screened, but it comes pre-moistened and can be used at all levels of play. 

Advanced Engineered Soils is an infield mix containing sand, silt, and clay. The mix is engineered to provide a surface that plays well in all weather conditions. Its SCR is 0.5–1.0.

“We’ve been working on this AIS line for a while now, so it’s exciting to finally bring it to market,” said Brian Winka, vice president of sports turf sales at Advanced Turf Solutions. “I can’t think of a better place to introduce these new products than at the SFMA show, with so many sports field managers gathered under one roof for a week out of the year.”

The six new AIS products will be available in February, but field managers can place advance orders immediately.

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