Advanced Turf Solutions Honors Operations Employees

November 10, 2018

Advanced Turf Solutions held its annual operations meeting last week. The highlight of this meeting is when we take the time to honor our hard-working team and give awards to show our gratitude for those who go above and beyond. Please join me in congratulating those honored with awards!

Spotlight Awards

The Spotlight Award is reserved for team members who exemplify excellent service, not only to our customers but to Advanced Turf Solutions as well. Team members are nominated by their facility managers, then candidates are submitted to regional managers for final selection.

The following individuals were honored with the esteemed Spotlight Awards for exceptional job performance.

  • Chris Libbert, Driver in Columbia, MO
  • Norm Rosinski, Driver in Traverse City, MI
  • Henry Vian, Driver in Brecksville, OH
  • John Painter, Warehouse Associate in Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Nelson Martinez, Assistant Facility Manager in Elk Grove Village, IL

Years of Service Awards

As a relatively new company (Advanced Turf Solutions was founded in 2001), we are grateful to have tremendous loyalty and longevity with our employees. We show our gratitude by honoring our team members with awards for their years of service to Advanced Turf Solutions.

Honored for Five Years of Service

  • Andrew Heller, Facility Manager in Nashville, TN
  • Chris Stoller, Assistant Facility Manager in Elkhart, IN
  • Ed Clevenger, Parts Associate and Sales in Fishers, IN
  • Travis Duffy, Drive and Warehouse Associate in Fishers, IN
  • Bridget Bergey, Facility Manager in Columbus, OH
  • Dave Crawford, Custom Applicator in Fishers, IN

Honored for 10 Years of Service

  • Terri Weiss, Corporate Receptionist in Fishers, IN
  • Sam White, Driver in Florence, KY

Honored for 15 Years of Service

  • Rob Bennett, Regional Operations Manager in KY and TN

Thank you to all of our hard-working employees! We truly could not do this without you.

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