For golf course and sports turf sprays this season, consider adding Activo from Precision Laboratories. Activo is a unique new activator adjuvant (tank additive) with a green pigment. It improves pesticide performance while providing a natural green appearance. Increase the efficacy of your fungicide and PGR applications at an affordable cost per acre while giving turf a natural green appearance. 

The primary ingredient in Activo is a plant-based oil that is more friendly to turfgrass and the environment than synthetic or mineral oils. This activator safely improves coverage and uptake of active ingredients, providing a greater response from your PGR applications. 

Activo has undergone university and field testing in numerous states. Research performed at Michigan State University showed improved fungicide response when Activo was added to many systemic and contact fungicides. Research performed at the University of Georgia showed improved results when Activo was added to foliar and root uptake plant growth regulators. You can find more information about Activo on the Precison Laboratories website.

Activo is best used with PGRs and fungicides. It can be added to spring ethephon sprays for Poa seedhead control. Early in the season, the green pigment is a plus when turfgrass is still greening up. 

In season, Activo can be added to fungicide, foliar fertilizer, and growth regulator applications. The green pigment will reduce summer UV stress on turfgrass just like other pigments. 

Late season, Activo can be tank mixed with preventative snow mold sprays and late fall ethephon sprays. In addition to improved seedhead suppression, the green pigment improves the appearance of turf going into dormancy.

Activo packaging: 2 x 2.5 gallon case
Rate: 0.5–1.5 oz/1,000 sq ft 

As always, contact your sales rep if you would like more information about Activo.