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Barenbrug SOS 220 Turf-Type Annual Rye Blend

50 lb
SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses

SOS Turf-Annual ryegrasses from Barenbrug offer unique solutions to fall overseeding challenges. With three generations of Turf-Annuals available, budget, on-site requirements and turf quality can be mixed and matched to meet your project’s needs.. Offered as 100% Turf-Annual mixes or in combination with Perennial rye or RPR (Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass), SOS Turf-Annuals provide economy, turf quality, transition and solutions to challenging conditions: job site, weather and use.

Standard shipping methods include:

  • Forklift delivery from each warehouse location to surrounding areas
  • UPS, Fed-Ex and/or DHL depending on location

Standard shipping rates and handling fees apply.