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25-0-10 80% Regain® Fairway Grade Fertilizer

50 lb
Spring Valley’s fairway grade fertilizers are premium mini-sized fertilizer nutrients that are ideal for the demands to achieve top-quality turf performance, particularly for golf fairways, athletic fields, and other short-cut turf areas. The precise control of nitrogen release combined with low salt ingredients promotes a superior, sustained color response that produces the visual appeal and the championship playability turf professionals desire. The mini-granular particles are uniformly sized for even application that will quickly settle beneath the turf canopy with minimal effect on ball roll or mower pick-up.
Regain® is a stabilized nitrogen additive that prevents the loss of applied nitrogen into the air and soil by controlling the enzyme (urease) that causes ammonia volatilization. More nitrogen remains in the ammonium form – making it more readily available to plants – while protecting your nitrogen investment.

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