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Weed Identification, Herbicide Classification, and Developing a Weed Management Program

Strategies for developing an effective weed management program through proper weed identification and the correct use of herbicides.

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Course Summary:

This course will give you the tools to develop an effective weed management program that factors in herbicide use and herbicide resistance management. You will be able to identify different types of weeds and their characteristics, including yellow and purple nutsedge, Kyllinga (green and false green), goosegrass, crabgrass, tropical signalgrass, doveweed, Virginia buttonweed, and annual bluegrass. The course will conclude with a discussion of herbicides, their classification, movement in plants, sites, and modes of action, and the reasons why herbicides can fail.

About the Instructor:

Dr. Tina Bond is the Technical Service Manager for FMC Global Specialty Solutions. She supports all herbicide and fungicide products in turf and ornamental markets across the U.S. She is also responsible for collaborating with researchers on product trials that help support products in the marketplace.

Originally from Delaware, Tina obtained her BS in Agriculture from the University of Delaware and later moved to the Sunshine State to obtain her Doctorate in Plant Medicine from the University of Florida. Tina previously worked in distribution supporting adjuvants and herbicides and has worked in a variety of specialty market segments including pest control, lawn care, aquatics, and IVM.


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