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30 Years as a Technical Representative: Superintendent Pain Points and Common Questions

Answers to the top agronomic questions asked by golf superintendents plus new chemistry and research data.

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Course Summary:

Kyle Miller shares over 30 years of experience as a technical representative to answer the most common golf superintendent questions. The discussion will include the top agronomic questions of the best spray nozzle technology for pesticide applications, watering-in fungicides, how pre-emergent herbicides work, controlling weeds in naturalized areas, the proper storage of pesticides, optimizing dollar spot control, and many more. The course will continue with introducing the new, proprietary chemistry (Maxtima and Navicon) with a unique mode of action that will provide applicators with a resistance management tool. Trial data from university-funded research in the northeast and throughout the country will be reviewed to demonstrate enhanced performance on dollar spot, anthracnose, and other diseases. In addition, plant health trials targeted at minimizing the impact of mechanical, heat, and drought stresses, improving root development, and providing a more efficient plant that maximizes photosynthesis and slows down respiration will be discussed.

About the Instructor:

Kyle Miller is a Senior Technical Specialist for BASF’s Turf and Ornamental group for the northern region. He has been with BASF for over 30 years and is responsible for bringing new products to market, discovering market opportunities for existing products, providing training to distributors and turf managers, and preparing technical and sales materials for the T&O sales force. Kyle has a Bachelor of Science from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science from Auburn University in Turfgrass Science.


30 years of tech service pain points and frequent questions

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