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Turf & Ornamental Sales Manager


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A little more about Rick Grant

As one of our lawn care experts, Rick Grant is here to meet the needs of ATS customers like you. Rick has been in the green industry since 1989 and is involved with the ITODA and GCSAA.

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Latest Educational Content

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The Business of Lawn Care: Identifying Customer Needs

If you own a lawn care company, you know it’s about much more than yard work. In “The Business of Lawn Care” series, we discuss topics related to managing and growing a company in the lawn care industry.

Blog Lawn & Landscape
Kalmor Fungicide: A New Product Offering for Ornamental Diseases

One of the new products we are offering at Advanced Turf Solutions is Kalmor. Kalmor is a copper-based fungicide/bactericide, has a FRAC designation of M1, and is unique amongst today’s products. 

Blog Lawn & Landscape
Rain Drowning Your Profits? Strategies to Improve Revenue and Cash Flow

The weather has impacted mowing, fertilizer treatments, weed control, insect control, landscaping projects, ornamental bed, and tree care revenue this year. So, what can one do?

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