Morgan Timberlake

Vice President of Golf Sales


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A little more about Morgan Timberlake

As one of our golf experts, Morgan Timberlake is here to meet the needs of ATS customers like you. Morgan has been in the green industry since 1987. Before entering the industry, Morgan studied at Ohio State Agricultural Technical Institute. 

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Pre-Emergent + Penetrant

Multiple factors can affect the quality as well as the duration of both prodiamine and dithiopyr applications. Human error aside, irrigation and thatch are two of the biggest reasons for failure.  Whether you intend to spread your pre-emergent on a fertilizer carrier or spray it, the use of a quality penetrant will greatly enhance your results.

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Yellow Patch, Fairy Ring and a Bit of Brown Ring Patch

Yellow patch, fairy ring and brown ring patch are popping up in Northeast Ohio.

Blog Golf Course
What Time Is It Its Time For Annual Bluegrass Weevil Prevention Sprays

What time is it? This question means different things to different people. To most, it is…

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