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A little more about Doug Dawson

As one of our lawn care experts, Doug Dawson is here to meet the needs of ATS customers like you. Doug has been in the green industry since 1983 and has been with ATS since 2008. Before entering the industry, Doug studied at Ohio State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture.

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Debunking Five Common Lawn Care Myths

Like many aspects of homeownership, lawn care is an area full of mixed advice from neighbors and friends who like to think of themselves as “experts.” To help homeowners sort the good from the bad recommendations, we debunked five common myths people believe about maintaining their lawns.

Blog Lawn & Landscape
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What do you talk about when you don’t know what to talk about? Well, the weather of course. So, let’s talk about the weather. For something we have no control over, it consumes a lot of our attention.

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Three or four weeks ago you were probably thinking, “It looks like crabgrass may not be…

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