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Foliar Pak Spring Performance Program

March 7, 2017 | Categories:
Golf Camp
March 17, 2015 at 9:26 am

In the northern and transition zones, the spring season signals the renewal of activity to human and plant life around us. The fluctuating nature of spring weather teases us, and our turf. As turf waits on consistently warmer temperatures, it sometimes seems to sit stagnant. During these early spring periods, we need to remember that turf can truly benefit from building carbohydrates, which it will use to overcome the summer stress difficulties that are sure to arrive later in the growing season. With a few timely applications of bionutritional products, we can improve the plants ability to create more of these precious energy reserves and impact the turf in manypositive ways.

The Foliar-Pak Spring Performance Program features four high performance foliar products to enhance turf color, improve rooting, and increase carbohydrates. This program helps turf repair from winter damage and prepare for summer stress.

• The quicker the plant begins photosynthesizing, the more carbohydrates it will build. Foliar-Pak A.S Fusion supplies ammoniacal and amino nitrogen that plants can use much more efficiently than nitrate nitrogen or urea during colder temperatures. Since the plant is yet to devote energy to leaf growth, it can use these nitrogen sources to build chlorophyll molecules, carbohydrates and enzymes that will drive photosynthesis.This will help maximize the plants ability to generate color, as well as energy.

Foliar-Pak Amperage with iron, manganese and zinc supplies micronutrients and sugars that will maximize plant performance in the early spring season. Iron and manganese are deeply tied to photosynthesis  and chlorophyll production, so when conditions are conducive, Amperage will maximize the carbohydrate building process of photosynthesis. Manganese and zinc are needed to build enzymes that are involved in the conversion of sugars to stored carbohydrates. Zinc is necessary for initiating root growth, which occurs much more so than leaf growth during these periods of lower temperatures. The sugars work as a form of insurance; they can be taken up by the plant and metabolized, which may become important throughout periods of extended cool cloudy weather.

Foliar-Pak L-18 Activator, as a concentrated and complete amino acid supplement, provides building blocks needed to create proteins, including those proteins necessary for chlorophyll development. L-18 Activator is laden with high levels of glutamic acid, which is necessary for constructing chlorophyll. Acting as nutrient symporters, the amino acids work to increase plant absorption of nutrients too. During these cooler temperatures when plant processes are working slowly, L-18 Activator can increase many plant efficiencies, which lead to better protein and carbohydrate development.

Foliar-Pak Promote provides bionutritional materials that enhance the development of root systems. Since root growth occurs at lower temperature than shoot growth, early spring is the perfect time to impact rooting. While the plant is sending limited amounts of energy to the leaves, the biostimulant package in Promote can maximize the energy diverted towards roots by improving the plants ability to initiate rooting.

Before treatment in early March 2014 at Wildcat Creek Golf Course in Kokomo, Indiana
2 days after treatment with a Foliar-Pak Spring Program including: A.S. Fusion, L-18 Activator, Micros Plus, and Promote
                                                                                Application spray line showing where treatment ended

Curt Geron
Guest Blogger
EnP Director of Sales