SymTREE Injection Device

2 Pack

SymTREE is a revolutionary, new lower pressure micro tree injection technology that makes tree care easier than ever. The reloadable device uses revolutionary custom-designed disposable SymPODS pre-filled with carefully selected ingredients designed to treat specific tree health needs.

The easy-to-use SymTREE injection system inserts the SymPOD directly into the tree, allowing the tree to quickly uptake the solution utilizing the natural transpiration process.

SymTREE treats trees from the inside. It consistently disperses the prescribed dosage of formulation into the tree’s vascular system, which the tree uptakes naturally with lower pressure moving fluid into the tree. When the SymPOD is emptied, simply remove it for easy disposal.

No special handling is required. The reloadable SymTREE device is now ready for installation of a new prefilled SymPOD.

For instructions on how to use the device and SymPODs, please see this instructional video.


Always read and follow label directions
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