SymTREE EB (6 Pods)

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SymTREE-EB is a lower pressure micro tree injection solution for EAB. Each self-contained, ready-to-use SymPOD comes pre-filled with 25 ml of the active ingredient emamectin benzoate 4% concentration, which, when applied appropriately, can effectively control EAB with up to two years of protection.

It is easily installed into the tree using only an electric drill and ideally a ¼-inch fast-spiral high-helix drill bit. Its simple and quick application measurements require only ONE prefilled SymPOD for every 5 inches DBH, allowing for concurrent rather than consecutive tree treatment with the SymTREE reloadable device.

No other special equipment, measuring, mixing, or spraying is required at the site. The uptake rate will vary depending upon tree health and environmental conditions, and there is no need to seal the injection port after treatment as the tree will heal naturally.

When the application is complete, simply dispose of the SymPOD, and your reloadable SymTREE device is now ready for insertion of a new pre-filled SymPOD. No special handling is necessary.

Always read and follow label directions
Downloads: download label SDS download label Brochure
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