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SG Rake

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The SG Rake attachment transforms your spreader/sprayer into a dethatcher and seeding rake. Save time by preparing the soil and spreading seed in one pass, or use the SG Rake for dethatching. With the SG Rake, you can easily adjust the down pressure for overseeding an existing lawn or preparing bare ground to seed a new lawn.

Double rows of tines make the SG Rake an efficient tool for your next seeding or dethatching project. The heat-treated tines are ten inches long and 9/32″ thick, with four inches between tines. The two rows of tines are six inches apart. Each tine is removable without tools, making the SG Rake easily customizable to the needs of your project.

The SG rake is 55 inches wide and is compatible with Steel Green Manufacturing models SG36, SG42, SG46, and SG52.

*Hydraulic Lift Kit sold separately.

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