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Nufarm Q-Ball


Exclusively from Nufarm, new Q-Ball™ herbicide quickly takes out tough crabgrass escapes and more. With a simple one-use rate, studies show Q-Ball quickly eliminates crabgrass escapes in many turfgrass settings. Q-Ball is developed with an innovative water-based formula that delivers maximum stability and tank mixing compatibility. Additionally, Q-Ball is labeled at 10 gallons per acre for low-volume sprayers – that’s half of the rate of competitors’ 20 gallon per acre rates. This summer, count on Q-Ball to manage post-emergent crabgrass.


See real results – fast – more than 90% crabgrass escape control within 7 DAT

Simple one-use rate of 1.45 oz/1,000 sq ft controls crabgrass escapes and many other weeds

Minimum of 10 gal/A spray volume for low-volume sprayers

Stable water-based formulation withstands temperatures from 0˚ to 129˚F

Excellent tank mixing compatibility with most surfactants and post-emerge herbicides, such as Triplet SF

Controls more than crabgrass, including clover, dandelion, dollar weed, foxtail, kikuyugrass, signalgrass, speedwell, and torpedo grass


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