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Musketeer Growth Regulator

2.5 gal
bottle of Musketeer

Musketeer is the first turf plant growth regulator (PGR) to incorporate Triple Turf PGR Technology to uniquely and effectively suppress Gibberellic Acid synthesis, leading to superior growth regulation of targeted turfgrasses. Musketeer is the result of SePRO research and based upon patented turf PGR technology.

Specifically formulated to aggressively target growth suppression of Poa annua in cool-season turfgrass species, such as creeping bentgrass, while providing excellent turfgrass enhancement. The result—more bentgrass and less Poa annua.

Musketeer Features:

  • Combines three PGR technologies to uniquely and effectively regulate and enhance targeted turfgrasses
  • Delivers enhanced conversion and suppression of Poa annua by allowing vigorous bentgrass growth compared to formulations of paclobutrazol alone
  • Reduced damage to Kentucky Bluegrass surrounds compared to paclobutrazol alone
  • Excellent turfgrass enhancement and improved color
  • Suppression of Dollar Spot and potential for less fungicide use over time

Packaging: 2 x 2.5 gallon

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