bottle of Colonise Bio
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Foliar-Pak Colonise Bio

2.5 gal
bottle of Colonise Bio

FoliarPak® Colonise Bio is a highly specific blend of eight microorganisms, microbe food, and nutrient enhancers that helps target better nutrient uptake, plant resilience, rooting, and turf playability.

Colonise Bio is enhanced with Armament, AminoPrecise and Colonise technologies.


  • Contains nitrogen-fixing bacteria to convert air and soil-locked nitrogen into nutrients.
  • Specific amino acids work to help the plants create stronger roots, more chlorophyll and anti-stress compounds.
  • Encourages healthier, stronger, more resilient growth. Helps to better defend plants against insects, disease, environmental stresses and turf playability.
  • Better playability and quicker recovery due to improved nutrient uptake and cellular water retention.


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