Foliar-Pak 14-2-4 with L-Amino Acids

2.5 gal
Foliar-Pak 14-2-4, by EnP, delivers the three macronutrients plus iron and manganese. It contains a proprietary L-amino acid package that increases nutrient uptake, nitrogen fixation, and chlorophyll production. 14-2-4 is labeled for use on golf course greens, tees, fairways, sports fields, and lawns.

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  • Foliar-Pak 14-2-4 offers safe, effective nutrition for instant color response and long-term feeding with 40% of the nitrogen being controlled release. Foliar-Pak 14-2-4 continues to impress days after the initial application. 

  • The proprietary amino acid package in Foliar-Pak 14-2-4 will improve uptake and enhance the overall performance of other nutrients, plant growth regulators, and fungicides in the tank mix. 

  • The proprietary amino acid formulation is designed to help the plant build better energy through increased photosynthesis and more efficient protein production, resulting in increased carbohydrate reserves. 

  • Consistent use of Foliar-Pak 14-2-4 leads to controlled top growth, carbohydrate balance, and better root growth.

Application rate: 3–15 fl oz/1,000 sq ft 

Standard shipping methods include:

  • Forklift delivery from each warehouse location to surrounding areas

  • UPS, FedEx, or DHL depending on location

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