FlowZone Monsoon 2.5 High/Variable-Pressure Battery Rolling Sprayer (9-Gallon)

The FlowZone® MONSOON 2.5 is a powerful sprayer combining select features of the FlowZone® Pro-Series lineup with unrivaled portability. Multi-terrain wheels transport this large capacity sprayer with ease. A 20-foot hose provides the freedom to navigate and spray while away from your sprayer. Work up to 3 hours on one charge of the battery and effortlessly spray over 30-feet. The MONSOON 2.5 is the premier option for navigating between horticultural rows.

* Rechargeable 18V/5.2Ah Li-Ion battery
* Pressure range of 8 psi to 115 psi
* Pressure washer style spray gun with quick-connect attachments
* Integrated rolling trolley design
* 20-ft black UV-resistant hose
* Up to 3 hour spray time

* Tank Capacity: 9-gallon
* Battery: 18V/5.2Ah Lithium-Ion
* Charger: 21V/2.5A
* Charge Time: ~1.5 hours
* Spray Time: Up to 3 hours
* Pressure: Up to 115 psi
* Tank Output: >76 gallons
* Spray Distance: >30-feet
* Flow Rate: 0.25-0.64gpm
* Nozzles: 25˚ fan, 0˚ jet, adjustable con

Download the FlowZone Troubleshooting Guide
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