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Alucion 35 WG

2.375 lb

Dual-action, curative control of golf course insects

Alucion 35 WG insecticide is the only non-restricted use pyrethroid labeled for golf courses. Fueled by two active ingredients, dinotefuran and alpha-cypermethrin, it delivers fast-acting control of surface-feeding insects. The powerful knock-down and repellent activity adds a barrier of long-lasting protection against tough-to-control ants.

Dinotefuran is translaminar and systemic, providing contact activity as it moves through the plant tissue. The alpha-cypermethrin binds to the plant cuticle and provides contact and feeding activity.

Together, they deliver both the speed and residual of Alucion 35 WG insecticide.

  • Single application for important turf insect pests
  • Two modes of action for resistance management
  • Real-world tested to ensure turfgrass safety
  • Lighter A.l. load means fewer pounds on the ground with good efficacy and safety for the applicator.

Effective Against: Annual bluegrass weevils*, billbugs, chinch bugs, ants, armyworms, cutworms, sod webworms, European crane flies*, mole crickets*

*Suppression only

Product Specifications:

  • Packaging: 10 x 2.375 lbs/case
  • Case: Treats 20 acres
    • Bottle treats two acres
    • Convenience cap serves as the measuring device
    • Each cap = 1/8 acre or 2.375 oz
  • FRAC Group: 4A 3A
  • Active ingredients (%): Dinotefuran (28%) + Alpha-cypermethrin (7%)
  • Rate Range: 0.44 oz/1000-ft2 or 19.2 oz/A/year
  • Formulation: Water-dispersible granule (WG)

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