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Kalida Fungicide

64 oz

Kalida Fungicide combines the active ingredients fluindapyr (a novel SDHI) and flutriafol (next-generation DMI) into a powerful duo. With proven turf safety and dual modes of action, Kalida Fungicide can tackle Bipolaris Leaf Spot, Take-All Root Rot, Large Patch, and other labeled diseases in a variety of warm-season turfgrasses and Anthracnose, Fairy Ring, Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, and other labeled diseases in cool-season turfgrasses.

  • Packaging: 4 x 64 oz
  • Coverage: 3.76 Acres per unit
  • FRAC Group: 7, 3
  • Active ingredients (%): Fluindapyr (20.9%), Flutriafol (20.9%)
  • Rate Range: 0.25-0.4 oz/1000-ft2 or 12-17 oz/Acre
  • Labeled Use Sites: Golf Courses, Industrial Sites, Commercial Sites


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