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Top 5 Ornamental Pests: Identification and Control

Understanding the biology and life cycles of common damage-causing insects and strategies for controlling them.

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Course Summary:

This course will prepare you to identify and control the top 5 groups of ornamental pests. The discussion will include the biology and life cycles of common damage-causing insects that fall under the groups of mites, leaf-chewing beetles, scale, boring insects, and bagworms. You will be able to correctly diagnose insect damage on trees, shrubs, and other ornamental plants and learn strategies for cultural control and pesticide management.

About the Instructor:

Nikki Hendrickson is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in Entomology and Horticultural Production and has a Master of Science in Entomology from the University of Kentucky. For the last 20 years, she has held various roles in the green industry, including being a sales representative for Advanced Turf Solutions and positions with multiple trade associations. Nikki is the current president of the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation and a member of the Purdue Ag Alumni Association Board of Directors. She has served as the past president of both the Indiana Professional Lawn and Landscape Association and the Green Industry Alliance.


top 5 ornamental insect pests

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