December 03, 2012 at 8:19 am

After a winter like 2011-2012, many superintendents are probably wondering whether it is worth the money to treat for snow mold. The turf, if left untreated, can be pock marked with snow mold for many months. Pink snow mold can be the most devastating to the turf. If left unchecked, it can be more than just a foliar blighting; it will attack the crown and kill the whole plant. Also, knowing that you may get very limited growth and that you cannot seed until late April or May, it is a very wise choice both aesthetically and financially to treat for snow mold. 

Then you have to ask the question, “What do I use?”. Do I treat with a granular product like Fungicide IX, Fungicide X, or maybe PCNB 10 G?? And, if you like to apply a fertilizer at the same time, there is FF II 14-3-3 W/ PCNB or FFIII 7-0-14 W/ PCNB, Chlorothalonil, & Propiconazole. Although most supers like to treat with a granular, (especially on greens) there are some that still choose to crank up the spray rig and apply their snow mold control with a liquid. The liquid spray offers the option of combining many different classes of fungicides. You might use Disarm C, which has been a great combo product. Or, many supers will tank mix Propiconazole, Chlorothalonil, and Iprodione, while others may decide to use Thiophanate Methyl and Chlorothalonil or a combo like Tourney and Iprodione. 

Whatever your choice, be sure to add SYNC to your tank mix combination. It is a time tested and proven product that will give your fungicides better efficacy and residual activity. In fact, you probably won’t have to worry about going back out in the late winter or early spring to treat again. Whatever your choice, keep in mind that your ATS rep has a product that will work for you. 

Nobody knows for certain what kind of winter we will have, so why play the guessing game. Take care of your turf!

Paul Taliaferro
ATS Sales Representative