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Why Imidacloprid Could Be The Right Insecticide For You


Which insects does imidacloprid control best? Why would you choose to apply imidacloprid over other insecticides? Get these questions answered and a few more in the imidacloprid Q&A video or the transcription below, featuring Advanced Turf Sales Rep Nikki Hendrickson.


What insects does imidacloprid control best?

Imidacloprid is a great all-around insecticide. It works on most insects, including beetles and soft-bodied insects such as whiteflies and aphids. You can get some ant control. It’s not great on caterpillars, on lepidopteran caterpillars, butterflies, and moths.

Why would we use imidacloprid over the other insecticide active ingredients?

I would use imidacloprid over other active ingredients, really, when I’m looking for control of white grubs, subsurface insect feeders. It is a great product to use. It’s also a great product to use when I’m looking at ease of application for tree and shrub. Imidacloprid can be applied via a soil drench. It is a systemic, so it’ll go up the tree or shrub, and you can take care of insects like boring beetles that are under the bark. You can take care of leaf feeders, too, with a real easy soil application.

How is imidacloprid best used?

Imidacloprid is best used…I’m going to say in two different ways. You can use it as a granular for grub control on a fertilizer (great application for that) or you could use it as a soil drench or soil injection.

Is it okay to use with a ride-on sprayer/spreader?

You can use imidacloprid with a ride-on sprayer/spreader if you have enough water volume. You’re better off using a high-roller pump and applying that out at two gallons per thousand square feet.

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