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2 Important Tools in Your Control Arsenal: ArmorTech ZOXY 2F and ArmorTech ZOXY-T

April 21, 2021 | Categories: ,
zoxy-t and zoxy 2f

As we approach another turfgrass disease season, two fungicide active ingredients remain important, viable tools in your control arsenal: Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole. A little information on each follows to help you make the most of your disease control programs.


Azoxystrobin a xylem-mobile systemic, broad-spectrum fungicide with translaminar, protectant, and curative properties. Its mode of action is known as Quinone Outside Inhibitors or QoI. [This active is derived from naturally occurring strobilurins, highly effective phytotoxic compounds produced by two species of mushrooms found naturally in Czech forests.] Azoxystrobin has the broadest spectrum of any antifungal treatment, and it is effective against all 4 major groups of fungi – the Ascomycota, Deuteromycota, Basidiomycota, and the Oomycota.

Azoxystrobin is transported acropetally (upwards) in the xylem. This combination of systemic translocation and translaminar movement contributes to even distribution and longevity of the active ingredient within the plant tissue.


Tebuconazole is a fungicide that is known as a DMI (demethylation inhibiting fungicide). It works by affecting the cell walls of fungi by suppressing spore germination and fungus growth. [It also interferes with the production of ergosterol—a molecule essential to the formation of fungus.] Because of this unique mode of action, Tebuconazole is considered to be fungistatic or growth-inhibiting rather than fungicidal or fungus killing.
Tebuconazole is a flexible fungicide that can be used for both curative and preventative fungus control. It works systemically, absorbing into the target plant to protect it against diseases, prevent further spread, or eliminate disease entirely depending on the severity level.

ArmorTech ZOXY 2F (22.9% Azoxystrobin)

This broad-spectrum, highly effective fungicide provides excellent preventative control against anthracnose, brown patch, snow molds, Pythium, red thread, spring dead spot, leafspot, and more. It’s also economical for use on fairways.

ArmorTech ZOXY-T (11.9% Azoxystrobin + 26.9% Tebuconazole)

It is a synergistic combination golf course fungicide that combes two of the best turfgrass fungicide technologies available. Zoxy-T delivers broad-spectrum disease control on patch diseases, foliar diseases, and soil-borne pathogens. It’s also economical for use on fairways.

What’s the Proper Timing for Applications?

ArmorTech ZOXY 2F and ArmorTech ZOXY-T are systemic products so, although they exhibit both preventative and curative properties, application timing well in advance of disease presence will yield the best results. Depending on the efficiency of the plant at the time of application, the products are absorbed by the leaves and crowns of the plant, mostly within 24-48 hours of treatment.

Can these products be tank-mixed?

You can tank mix ArmorTech ZOXY 2F and ArmorTech ZOXY-T with other complementary products. Many acceptable partners are listed on the labels of both products but it’s always recommended to conduct your own compatibility test. Influences like water quality and temperature, pH of other products, different formulations, etc are all factors that are best assessed by you. Also, it’s critical that you mix all products in the proper order based on the formulation of the individual tank-mix partners.

Should I use a surfactant/wetting agent?

ArmorTech ZOXY 2F and ArmorTech ZOXY-T will both benefit from the addition of products that help promote surface coverage and plant uptake.

Do I Need to Water In?

It’s important to remember both of these fungicides only move upward in the plant. Depending on what diseases you’re targeting, both will benefit from rainfall or irrigation after application. If you’re including a contact fungicide in your tank mix then you’ll want to adjust for that.

How Do I Achieve the Best Efficacy?

Bottom line for ArmorTech ZOXY 2F and ArmorTech ZOXY-T use: these are products with systemic modes of action that provide both preventative and curative activity, which makes them excellent tools in any fungicide program rotation. They are most efficient when used in preventative programs as both need some time to fully enter the plant and provide full protection. Especially if targeting crown and root diseases, apply both at a spray volume of at least 2 gal/1,000 sq. ft., include a soil surfactant, and irrigate immediately after application. Lastly, consult with your ATS sales rep for expert advice on making best use of your product investment.

Resistance Management

Azoxystrobin and Tebuconazole – by nature of their modes of action – are both prone to resistance after repeated or improper use. Both should be applied in a tank mix or alternation program with other registered fungicides that have different modes of action and to which pathogen resistance has not developed.

George Furrer
United Turf Alliance President

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