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Why MAG® Magnesium Chloride from the Dead Sea Works

October 24, 2022 | Categories: ,

What is MAG®?

MAG is a professional-grade, natural magnesium chloride extracted from the Dead Sea’s mineral-rich waters. Unlike other ice melters, MAG delivers safe surfaces for commercial and residential building owners and facilities managers with a powerful ice-melting performance. 

Safer For People, Pets, and the Environment

MAG is ideal for homeowners with children and pets. When it comes to children and pets, you want peace of mind. MAG has a low toxicity level and is nearly three times less toxic than common table salt, which makes it much safer to use around residential areas. Accidental ingestion by pets and children is not a worry with MAG’s low toxicity. 

When it comes to keeping employees safe in the workplace, MAG is a great ice melter option. Contrary to other ice melters, such as calcium chloride, MAG is not noticeably exothermic (generates heat) when it comes in contact with moisture, so it will not burn skin or eyes. MAG also does not eat up shoes, clothes, or equipment. 

MAG is notably kinder to our environment. For example, an application of MAG results in significantly less chloride runoff and pollution than potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride. Why? MAG contains fewer chlorides than potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and sodium chloride on a pound-for-pound basis. 

When used as directed, MAG can also be safely applied around vegetation. In fact, a form of MAG is used as a common ingredient in some fertilizers.   

No More Damaged Concrete

MAG delivers the best performance without compromising on issues of surface damage and environmental quality. Government-sponsored tests show that MAG causes far less damage to concrete surfaces without losing any of its prime de-icer qualities.

All ice-melting chemicals lower the freezing point of water and increase the number of freeze/thaw cycles. As a result of water repeatedly freezing and expanding, concrete surfaces tend to spall, scale, or break into small chips (especially new concrete surfaces and poor-quality concrete).

As shown in tests performed by the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) and the National Research Council, Washington, DC, the use of MAG as an ice melter resulted in significantly less concrete spalling than calcium chloride or sodium chloride. Note: Do not use ice-melting chemicals on concrete less than one-year-old. 

No More Damaged Metal

MAG is less corrosive on metal surfaces. Tests show MAG to be significantly less corrosive than calcium chloride and sodium chloride on steel, tin, and aluminum.

Powerful Melting Performance

Ice melting performance is measured by the speed of the melting action and the quantity of brine produced per unit of ice melter used. MAG freezes (a 22% solution) at -27°F(-33°C) and melts effectively down to -15°F (-26°C), well below most other ice melters.


Coburn Products

Our products and manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly, so we can sincerely say we are helping nature offer her riches naturally and healthily. The Dead Sea Works LTD is the recipient of an International Standards Organization (ISO’s) 9001 certificate, a 14,001 certificate, and an 18,001 certificate, signifying conformance to the highest quality, safety, and environmental requirements.

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