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Relieve Summer Stress on Your Sports Field with These Products

July 6, 2022 | Categories: ,

​​As we advance into the tough summer months, DEFENSE becomes the name of the game. We offer some great options to help battle these harsh conditions.  

bottle of Foliar-Pak Foundation FortyFoliar-Pak Foundation Forty is perfect for combating summer stress. The amino acids in Foundation Forty help increase carbon assimilation, nitrogen assimilation, and chlorophyll, providing many users with rapid improvement of color and turf density. Foundation Forty also works to load more osmolytes (good salts) into cell vacuoles and stomatal guard cells. Summer stressed turf is bombarded with multiple biotic and abiotic stress factors. Better osmolyte presence results in plants that function at a higher level under stress conditions.  

Summer conditions with high temperatures and humidity create a perfect environment for disease outbreaks in turf. Zoxy-PG is a granular fungicide combining 0.31% azoxystrobin and 0.75% propiconazole. As a broad-spectrum fungicide, Zoxy-PG utilizes both root and leaf uptake to deliver preventative and curative control for up to 28 days. Zoxy-PG targets foliar, stem, and root diseases such as leaf and stem blights, leaf spots, patch diseases, anthracnose, fairy rings, mildews, molds, and rusts of turfgrass. It has 14-28 day control.  

Precision Labs In-Flow bagWater management on infields during the hot, dry conditions of summer is key. In-Flow is a granular soil conditioner and surfactant that influences water’s ability to flow into and throughout the profile of infield skins. This helps sports turf managers find the desired balance between water retention and movement, resulting in a better performing infield over a longer period of time.  

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