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Leaf Spot And Dollar Spot Disease Management

April 18, 2022 | Categories: ,

Cultural and disease management programs are essential for maintaining high-quality turf all season long. Prevent both leaf spot and dollar spot activity by using a broad-spectrum fungicide like ArmorTech TMI 2020 XL. It prevents and controls fungal turf diseases on greens, fairways, trees and other turf sites. With two powerful active ingredients, Thiophanate-methyl and Iprodione, TMI 2020 XL offers different modes of action in one convenient product.

Begin your spray program on greens, tees or fairways for preventative maintenance. Be sure to select the proper spray nozzle and volume of water for uniform coverage. One to two gallons of water per M will offer adequate coverage, allowing the spray mixture to cover the leaf surface and the active ingredients to be absorbed. Continue for 7 to 14 days; then rotate to a fungicide consisting of a different action mode such as DMI, contacts, or the new SDH-I’s. Add Optimizer Green Shade to improve turf color and quality to help manage stresses and moisture.

Turfgrass Application Rates for TMI 2020 XL (Dollar Spot/Leaf Spot)

Use Site Timing Disease Pressure Rate/M Notes
Tees/Greens/Aprons Spring-Summer Light-Medium 1-2 oz or 2-4 oz Apply 7-14 days
Fairways Spring-Summer Light-Medium 1-2 oz or 2-4 oz Apply 7-14 days
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