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Keep Your Pets Away From A Winterized Sprayer

March 7, 2017 | Categories:
November 04, 2013 at 3:00 am

It’s no joke that a properly winterized sprayer (automotive antifreeze) can be hazardous to your pets’ health. That being said, an improperly winterized sprayer could be hazardous to your wallet. I don’t have data but I bet there are just as many sprayer parts sold at sprayer startup as there are during spraying season. Taking some time out of your schedule this fall will insure your spraying equipment is up to the task when you need it next.

At the end of this post you’ll find a few handy references, but in a nutshell do the following:

1: Spray out as much of the solution as possible according to the label.

2:  Rinse the sprayer inside and out, being careful not to contaminate the area with residue. Again, spray out as much of the diluted solution as possible according the label.

3: Depending on the control products used, a commercial tank cleaner may be prudent to inactivate some chemistry. Tank cleaners, like Incide-Out, should be left in the tank and the hoses overnight. When mixed according to the label, this mixture can be sprayed out on approved crops, in most cases turf.

4:  Rinse one more time with clean water and dispose of appropriately.

5:  Using compressed air or a dedicated wet/dry vac, blow or suck out as much of the remaining water as possible.  I find the compressed air particularly useful in clearing out hoses.

6:  Remove and clean any filter cups or spray tips where water can collect.

7:  Using automotive antifreeze mixed at a 50/50 mix with water, circulate this through the system. This cocktail can be left in the pump and entire sprayer if desired.  When spring arrives you can often collect this mixture for use the following fall.  Though most of the manufacturers suggest automotive antifreeze, I have also heard of people using RV antifreeze, which is non-toxic and can actually be sprayed out in the field.  Another option is to use horticultural oil, which may come in handy the following spring.

8:  Come spring, drain the antifreeze and rinse out the system again; then the sprayer should be ready to go.

If you have any questions, we are here to help.

Good day,

Tim Yingling
Advanced Turf Solutions Sales Representative

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