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J&D Turf and H&K Sports Fields Unite

February 6, 2019 | Categories:

J&D Turf is pleased to announce that Mike Parent, President of H&K Sports Fields LLC, a Wisconsin-based athletic field construction company, has joined its team. J&D Turf is an operational division of Advanced Turf Solutions, Inc. With Parent on board, J&D Turf plans to expand its sports field consulting, renovation, construction, and maintenance services into Wisconsin by adding a crew of qualified field technicians based in Milwaukee this spring. In anticipation of this expansion, the company has purchased most of H&K Sports Fields operational assets.

“J&D Turf has enjoyed working together with H&K Sports Fields on several projects over the last few years. Bringing Mike and the H&K Sports Fields brand to J&D Turf will be beneficial for the employees and customers of both companies,” said Jamie Mehringer, President of J&D Turf.

Both companies have shared a commitment to building safe, playable, and aesthetically pleasing athletic surfaces and providing exceptional service from design through project completion. With the expansion of J&D Turf’s field maintenance services into Wisconsin, it will have service teams in three states –Missouri, Indiana, and now Wisconsin.

“H&K Sports Fields has earned a great reputation for designing and building sports fields that become a source of pride for local communities,” said Mike Parent, President of H&K Sports Fields. “I look forward to continuing to build on that reputation and offering our customers an even higher level of product selection and services as J&D Turf.”

Mike Parent