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Foliar Pak Aeration Recovery Program

March 7, 2017 | Categories:
August 11, 2015 at 11:00 am

Treat your aerated turf with a complete foliar program, including natural plant extracts and active L-amino acids. Give your turf the necessary advantage for rapid recovery.

This program results in more rapid closure of core cultivation holes, improved turf recovery and higher quality turf. With the use of this program, nitrogen applications for the purpose of aeration recovery can be considerably reduced or quite possibly eliminated.

Apply this program 3 days prior to aeration and again 7 days after aeration.

Foliar-Pak 14-2-4 Balanced macro-nutrient fertilizer to supplement plant metabolic activity. Provides nutrients for consistent color and proper tissue development. Rate:
3 to 6 oz
per 1000
Foliar-Pak Promote Provides nutrients and plant extracts geared to improve antioxidant activity important for recovery of leaf and root tissue. Promote will help increase root growth after disruption from core cultivation. Rate:
3 oz
per 1000
Foliar-Pak Micros Plus Improves lateral growth of stolons, rhizomes and enhances foliar recovery. Micros Plus improves cell division, nutrient use, photosynthetic properties and helps turf maintain healthy green color. Rate:
1.5 oz
per 1000
Foliar-Pak L-18 Activator Patented amino acid technology drives protein and enzyme production. This improves plant energy aspects for more rapid turf recovery. Rate:
1.5 oz
per 1000
HOLGANIX Golf Blend 66GC CT Organic, bionutritional product that promotes strong turf and plant health, naturally increasing resistance to disease and insect damage by promoting significant root and cell wall development. Rate:
10 oz
per 1000

Download the PDF for this Aeration Recovery Program.

Download the PDF for the Warm Season Aeration Recovery Program.