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Drought Is Near

March 7, 2017 | Categories:
August 10, 2015 at 8:07 am

For the most part, Mother Nature has been kind to the Ohio Valley this spring and for the first part of summer. But, as they say, “the end is near.” As we get into mid-August and September temperatures typically raise and rainfall amounts seem to disappear.

So what should you do?

The first thing that will come to mind is water. Deep, infrequent watering to the depth of the root system is a good start. It’s always a good idea to begin this process before your lawn starts to show the signs of drought stress.

Sometimes certain factors such as budget, property size, and local water restrictions can make watering a little difficult. Increasing your mowing height on cool season turfgrass can allow some shading of the soil, which can help conserve and maintain what moisture might be in it.

Incorporating some organic-based products into your lawncare program can improve the soil structure and will allow the lawn to maintain active growth and recover quicker. A great product for this would be the NEW Healthy Grow 10-3-2 with Holganix.

HG 10-3-2 is a natural-based blend of ingredients, promoting overall turf and plant quality. Holganix has been applied to the granules to provide the non-plant food ingredients. HG 10-3-2 is naturally high in calcium, an essential nutrient that promotes strong and healthy plants.

  • Combination of Healthy Grow + Holganix delivers diverse soil biology and sustainable nutrition
  • High levels of indigenous beneficial bacteria and fungi in the bag
  • Low odor – indicative of complete composting process, no ammonia smell
  • Homogeneous pellet – 180 SGN
  • Versatility – broadcast applications on turf, incorporate at aerification, apply to established tress and shrubs

The picture below shows a lawn that received 2 applications (May & July) of HG 10-3-2 at the rate of 150 lbs per acre. Can you tell which one? If your lawn looks like the one on the left, please contact your ATS Sales Rep to get your lawn turned around.

Josh Cook
ATS Sales Representative