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Customer Spotlight Chris Fallot And Custom Landscape Service

March 7, 2017 | Categories:
July 11, 2016 at 1:32 pm
Landscape project completed by Custom Landscape Service

Nestled in the Southeast corner of Stark County, Ohio, is a thriving, small lawn care company called Custom Landscape Service, which has been providing lawn care services out of a 100-year-old farm for over 20 years. It offers several different services including: landscape maintenance, mowing, turf treatments, hardscape construction, and snow plowing. It’s quality service that has allowed it to continue its success for over 20 years.

Farmstead office/shop   Farmstead shop
Compost area Tree Field

Fallot says being dependable, honest, and reliable are keys to  quality service and dedication. He also has a few other methods to keep up dedication to customers.

One method his team uses is open communication. This creates dedication by producing benefits for customers. Having the ability to spot problems before they happen or as they arise is one benefit. Since, the lawn care industry can be comprised of a lot of problem solving, which Fallot perfectly illustrates by saying they are “in the business of problem solving – lawn, drainage, or tree” and there is “always a problem needing solved,” being able spot problems quickly is important.

How does Fallot keep up open communication? He will periodically stop in to visit with customers and check in on their lawns. Also, during the winter season, he will contact customers and review services provided the previous season and their upcoming needs. In addition, his cell phone number is available to all his customers.

Another method Custom Landscape Service uses to show dedication to its customers is creating exceptional experiences. Customer’s expectations play a big role here, according to Fallot. Fallot and his crew discuss expectations with each of their customers, making sure the company can meet those expectations and they are the right fit. If the company is not the right fit, they will not take the job. Education, training, and obtaining the best equipment and the best treatment products also play a big role in creating great experiences, according to Fallot.

Not being afraid to ask for help is also a way Fallot keeps up customer dedication. If a problem occurs with a customer’s lawn and neither Fallot nor one of his team members  know the answer, he looks to his Advanced Turf Solutions sales representative for help. He says Tim Yingling [his ATS rep], will make a special trip to take a look at a problem his customer is having. If Tim does not know the answer, he finds colleagues to help solve it.

Keeping a good, hardworking team helps maintain customer dedication as well. Chris and his team members have a combined total of over 70 years’ experience. And Fallot recognizes that without a great team, great service could not be possible.

Team members at morning load up
Team members at morning load up

Just like Fallot and his team strive to achieve great dedication to their customers, Fallot shows dedication to his employees by trying to be the boss that he would want to have and offer flexibility for time off and scheduling. 

Cash flow can be tight in the spring and updating equipment can be difficult but despite the struggles, Fallot and his company will continue to provide great service and dedication to their customers. With a great strategy like that, they are sure to continue their successes. Here’s to 20+ more years, Custom Landscape Service!

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