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ATS Develops Transplant Dry

March 7, 2017 | Categories:
November 18, 2011 at 8:48 am
Category: Product News

Transplant Dry: New transplant aid increases water and nutrient uptake while quickly establishing roots

Advanced Turf Solutions is excited to introduce FoliarPak Transplant Dry a new transplant aid that combines the power of humic acids, seaweed extracts, viable mycorrhizae and other beneficial microbes.

The powerful combination of beneficial microbes in FoliarPak Transplant Dry help to condition the soil and aid in the quick establishment of root systems for newly planted material.  The addition of polyamino acids initiates new root hairs and increases water and nutrient absorption critical to plant health.

A dry product that is added to the soil at planting, FoliarPak Transplant Dry increases plant survival rates, reducing the common and costly problem of replants.

Now available in 1 lbs. packages with 20 to a plastic pail. The low labeled application use rate of 2 oz per caliper inch is a very economical insurance policy on new plant installations.

FoliarPak Transplant Dry is distributed by Advanced Turf Solutions, LLC from 8 warehouse locations that service Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Southern Michigan.