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Healthy Grow 2-4-3 Enhanced with Foliar-Pak Armament

50 lb, 90 SGN
bag of Healthy Grow 2-4-3

Healthy Grow® 24-3 enhanced with Foliar-Pak® Armament® is our premium allorganic fertilizer, naturally high in calcium, an essential nutrient that promotes strong and healthy plants.

Excellent for all turf applications, enhancing top dressing, gardens, and landscape beds.

Healthy Grow Professional’s base, Aerobically Composted Chicken Manure (ACCM), is an all-natural, slow-release, non-burning organic blend rich in humates, carbohydrates and trace minerals, which naturally enhances any soil type and promotes turf and plant quality.

Armament technology is a patented, biodegradable nutrient enhancer that protects certain nutrient ions from interactions, antagonisms and tie up in the soil. Armament’s primary job is to ensure that the nutrients applied to the soil remain in a plant-available form – preventing interaction with other nutrients in the soil and from hydrogen and hydroxide ions.

Healthy Grow contains no heavy metals or human biosolids. And because it’s fully composted, you don’t get the odor problems normally associated with manure-based composts.

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