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Understanding Cost

A business management mini-course for LCOs about understanding the true cost of overhead, labor, and product cost to build a profitable lawn care business.

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Course Summary:

Starting a business is easy but staying in business is hard. This mini-course gives you a look into the actual cost of running a profitable lawn care business. The discussion will focus on creating a realistic financial outlook considering overhead, labor, product, and variable costs in addition to the lesser-known aspects of managing a business.

About the Instructor:

Rick Grant is a sales manager for Advanced Turf Solutions with 30 years of experience in the green industry. He has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University and also attended the Center for Creative Leadership and the Wharton Business School where his coursework included how to integrate finance and marketing in leadership opportunities.

*This mini-course is part of a business management series and does not qualify for continuing certification credits for pesticide applicators.


understanding cost

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