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Diseases in Cool-Season Lawns

Identifying and treating the common diseases in cool-season lawns.

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Course Summary:

This course will help you develop an effective disease control strategy for cool-season lawns and use cultural practices and chemical applications wisely. The course will cover basic pathogen nomenclature and biology. You will be able to identify the most common diseases found in cool-season turf, their main hosts, and the environmental factors that encourage disease persistence. You will also learn the various cultural practices to help mitigate disease pressure and the fungicide recommendations to incorporate into a disease treatment plan.

About the Instructor:

Aaron Hathaway is the Technical Services Manager at Nufarm and lives in Michigan. Before joining Nufarm in February of 2019, he spent nearly two decades at Michigan State University concentrating on weed science. He conducted field research in turfgrass systems, covering weed control, fertility and nitrogen fate, and plant growth regulator (PGR) use. Aaron has a wealth of experience teaching turf classes and speaking to both superintendents and lawn care groups.


lawn disease management for cool season turf

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